Sunday, January 20, 2013

Bed-resting It Up

Haven't been on here for about two weeks! I know, you are all so disappointed.... This last week I felt like I had an excuse. Then after thinking about it, I realized, I could have written everyday! 

Monday was especially crazy, I thought I had a miscarriage. So scary. I will save everyone from the details, no one really wants a visual... But good thing! I didn't have a miscarriage!! I even got to hear the heartbeat, 172 BMP woot woot. Nice strong heart, and the baby was even moving on the Ultra Sound! What an emotional rush though, I'll tell ya. Then before I left the Dr. they drew blood and stuff. That's not my most favorite thing in the world...I'm not sure I know anyone who likes people drawing blood, with the needle and stuff. bleh.

Tuesday was a nice relaxing day, my work had given me the day off because of how shaken I was from Mondays experience. So It WAS relaxing, until my Dr's office called in panic because I apparently have type O Negative blood, I had no idea. The reason why they were in panic though was because my blood cells might attack the baby if the baby has a different blood type. So I had to get some injection to keep that from happening. So of course, I got it. But at a price, since our insurance isn't covering a thing during my pregnancy.... We are one lucky couple I'm tellin ya.. So since Tuesday I've been calling our baby the problem child ;-) We love our little raspberry anyway. Also since Tuesday I've been on bed rest. I'm just getting so antsy to get out and do something! or even do the dishes or anything! So instead I've watched all the Harry Potter movies, all the Twilight movies, and been sharpening up on my Street Fighter IV Skills... any other ideas on what I can do to stay busy?