Tuesday, November 5, 2013

2 Months

Photo: #twomonths sorry this is a few days late. She's the cutest #reesetaylor

So our little Reesie bug turned 2 months a little over a week ago... and I'm just now posting about it.
Some things she's doing now at two months
-She is holding her head up
-Jabbering more
-Slobbering everywhere
-attempting to roll over
My Favorite things she's doing right now
-Cuddling with mom
-Making her "Laugh" which is really kind of a squeal
-Responding to my questions by sighing or smiling (SOOOO cute)

Photo: #twomonths sorry for baby over load! But she's just so cute!!!!
Photo: Last one for the night I promise #twomonths
Photo: My two favorite people!
Photo: She's the cutest! #fashionista. #reesetaylor  #babylegwarmers