Friday, February 1, 2013

Week 11

So last Friday I found out that I am in fact a week further along than I was first told! I'm totally excited! I know some women find they have a feeling on what there baby is going to be... me that is not the case. It is a huge mystery to me! I mean I take all these old wives tales quizzes and take the Chinese gender predictor.... I know they are all just fun and games... but common, it's really is fun.

 I'm already getting a little bump, and our baby is the size of a Lime this week. My pants still fit, but are definitely getting a little uncomfortable. When they are unbuttoned though, they are amazing. I figure it's time to get one of those belly band things... but they are so expensive! And with me losing my job, I kinda need to be a little tighter with my purse strings... if you know what I mean...So this week, my mom and I are going to make some belly bands of my own. I read a blog earlier on how to do it. I've never done a tutorial before, but maybe I'll try for this one.... if I am successful that is. If I'm not, be prepared to hear about that as well.

I'm definitely experiencing a bazillion changes with my body right now, including running to the restroom double time. I'm currently looking for a solution. How can I live like this.... running to go every hour at least...TMI? maybe.... but oh well. I'm also sooo emotional. trying not to take every little thing anyone says is difficult. I'm also so tired during the day, and wide awake as soon as I lay down to sleep. I'm hating almost every piece of meat put in front of me, and tomatoes. Tomatoes, I'm really sad about that. Don't worry, not crying.  I just really loved tomatoes. I'm also wanting to drink anything caffeinated, soda wise. Like a sip of pepsi is like the first time, everytime. It is beautiful.


Anyway... enough of that.... watch for my Tutorial... or not. In case I don't do one because I epic-ly failed...Then look for my blog on how bad I failed. Have a good one!