Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Inexpensive Halloween Decor

Being financially challenged has some advantages, and a lot of disadvantages. For example, 1 and pretty much the only advantage is learning how to separate the needs and wants fairly quick... the list of disadvantages is long so I'll tell you the biggest one on my list right at this second, you don't get to splurge on super cute holiday decorations. Because this is so, I have little to no decorations for any holiday except Christmas, unless I was given decorations by my mom.

This year I wanted to make something decorative for Halloween, something I could make with my limited supplies and money. So I found this on pinterest. A simple banner sounded perfect and easy AND inexpensive.

This is where I got the letters from!
I used lime green, orange and purple paper for the outlining, and measured the colored paper about an inch bigger on each side.
Then I strung it together with some yarn, and done!
I am now festive.

Monday, October 14, 2013

Baby's Blessing and Pulled Pork

Yesterday was Reese's baby blessing. She looked like a little angel, and kinda acted like one too! She didn't cry at all through out the whole blessing, which was one of my fears. The other fear is that she would have an explosion and it would go clear up to her neck like she did last Thursday. Thank heavens neither of them happened. She did cry when the blessing was over though, at that point I no longer cared.

Here is a full shot of the dress and hair piece. What can't be seen is here cute ballet slippers and ruffle socks. We had the hair piece made specifically for this day, and her dress... funny enough was meant for Josh... Yep they thought he was a girl ;-) Lucky for me he came out a boy. This dress was hand made though!

After the blessing we headed over to Josh's mom's house. We ate home made pulled pork sandwiches. They were awesome! It a perfect day. We even had left overs, So for the next few days I'm pretty sure that's what I'll be eating.