Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Loving Everything

So far I have decided that I am loving be pregnant. I'm totally okay with not buttoning my pants anymore, not eating any kind of meat, and having a hard time finding any sleeping position for this little girl in here. She is constantly dancing or kicking or whatever she is doing ALL the time! again, I'm loving it though, so she can kick all she would like! I also am loving my little bump going on now. First it kind of looked like I was just putting on a few pounds, or in Josh's words a bear belly... lol. Now it looks like I'm actually pregnant. Way better sounding for sure. I also have to say I am also finally thankful for my long torso and short legs. Because of this I don't even look pregnant when you look straight at me or from behind, since little Reese is poking straight out! So So So thankful for that. I will never complain about my short stubs of legs ever again... K maybe I'll just complain a little less about them.
I am definitely needing to find alternative clothing styles though since some things aren't fitting right... So I've taken after some other bloggers I recently follow. One being Merricks Art, This is where I found inspiration for a bunch of my non-loved maxi skirts.... Simply where it as a dress... so comfy, and looks way better on me. Maxi skirts just don't love me the way they love on others. So I have like 4 that were sitting in my closet until now. Thank you Merrick for this wonderful idea. Here is her post on it, http://www.merricksart.com/search?updated-max=2012-09-24T05:22:00-06:00&max-results=7&start=98&by-date=false

Thursday, April 18, 2013

Gender reveal party!!

So it's been a while, and I can't say I had so much going on that I couldn't make time for this blog... because I really didn't have too much going on. Apparently I'm a bit lazy.
In the past two months a few things have changed, and a few things are the same.
First, I finally felt the baby move while being at NASCAR of all places! lol It was the coolest thing, felt like popcorn, or a fish or something like that. Now of course being at about 22 weeks along, little Fosmo is practicing martial arts, so they feel a little more distinct.
Second, We found out we are having a little baby girl!!! Her name is going to be Reese Taylor. We are so excited to have her come into our lives and bless us and teach us. I'm also excited to be able to call her a her, instead of it or the baby. I'm sure she's happy about that too.
And third, I have a new job! I absolutely love it here. Everyone is so so nice and pretty much everyone here has a wife that's expecting as well. That makes things a little nicer too, because the guys understand and know if they don't treat me nice that there wives will have their heads.

Some things that are still the same, I still can not eat any meats! it's driving me nuts because now I'm actually craving them...they are just not sitting well. I've found a new favorite meal that makes me not hate that I can't eat meat much, the Veggie burger from In-N-Out. AKA a bun with Lettuce, Tomato, and In-N-Out spread..... sooooooooo good. Another thing that is the same, I'm trying to figure out how to redecorate for the baby. a one bedroom apartment is not the easiest place to move around.

We had a Gender Reveal party this last Sunday. It was a blast. My best friend Alexandra helped me decorate and took some great pictures of the family and decorations and the cupcakes of course!!!
This is my Nephew, we call him Little Guy

These are the Deschaine's, Minus Josh and I of course. This is my side of the fam.
  Everyone wore the color of there guess... notice how I'm wearing pink and blue to confuse everyone ;-)
Baby gender guesses

The Cupcakes!!

The front door

It's a girl!!!! (Reese Taylor)

This is my hubby's side of the fam

My baby nephew Lincoln (so sweet)

My hubby and myself.


We made some pom poms out of tissue paper, so so easy and way less expensive than buying them.

We used mini Hershey's candy bars and colored He(blue) and She(pink) making it look like He-R-She

And here is some D├ęcor for the party! It was so much fun