Thursday, June 27, 2013

Maternity Photos Part 2

Here are some more fabulous maternity photos taken by the great Alexandra Beckstrand. You can check out her blog Here! This photo shoot was so fun despite the Las Vegas heat. We somehow made it work! It helps that my photographer is amazing!


First outfit: Black top// cannot remember where I bought it
Capri jeans// Old Navy Capri's
Shoes// Rhapsodielle
Second outfit: White dress: Maxi Skirt from Express
Pink Cardigan: Rhapsodielle
Belt: Kohls
Shoes: Rhapsodielle

Monday, June 24, 2013

Maternity Photos Part 1

Did a Maternity photo shoot with my best friend ever! She is an amazing photographer. Check out some more of her work and more of my maternity pictures on her blog Here

Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Happy Fathers Day!

Happy Fathers day to all those amazing husbands, dads, and dads to be!

It was nice to spend a little time with my dad. I can pretty much see him whenever I want. I take it as a blessing and cherish all our "inside" jokes and laughter over nothing. You truly will never understand our humor unless you are one of us. That's what I love about it though. It's our own little world.

Photo: Best dad ever, funniest dad ever, most caring dad ever... #ftw Love you Dad!

I had not realized, until I got married, that I am a total daddy's girl. My husband pointed it out to me one day and at first I was in denial. Not that being a daddy's girl is a bad thing, but I just didn't think I was one. It's a different type of daddy's girl though. He isn't very protective, and never really told me that boys were scum or anything. Instead when ever I came to him crying about being hurt, He'd just make me laugh. When I was little and I'd fall off my bike or something, I'd run inside crying. Wanna know what he'd tell me? Drink some water... That was his solution. AND IT WORKED! Every time I would drink some water I'd stop crying. Then he'd make me laugh somehow.

My husband is one of those dad's to be right now. He is so so excited. I can not tell you how much confidence I have in him being a dad. He's going to be awesome. Of course that's why I married him though. I wouldn't have married someone not good with babies. He's already attached to our still growing little one. Tells me everyday how she has already changed his life for the better and knows without her he wouldn't be heading down such a straight path. So thankful for his sweet heart.

Speaking of baby! I'm 30 weeks pregnant now!

Photo: #week30 #pregnancy #babygirl she's about the length of a cucumber, and is almost completely head down!
Photo: #babygirl #week30 #pregnancy  we are only 10 weeks away from meeting #reesetaylor  now! Dr measured her at approximately 2lbs ish.

Dr. let me know she was almost completely head down and weighing about 2 lbs. This was just a guess since it wasn't during an U/S but just by him feeling my tummy. So excited to meet this little girl!

My BFF and I went to the Tom's warehouse this weekend and got her a few pairs of cute Toms. I'll get a few pictures up of those too. on my next post.

Thursday, June 13, 2013


So last Monday , the 3rd, was our two year anniversary! Sometimes it seems funny we've been married two years. Even more funny is that we are having a little baby girl in August! But I just wanted to take a second a brag about my wonderful husband and say how lucky I am to have someone so caring, funny, stylish, and protective. He loves me and this baby more than anything in this world and that's really all I want from him! So here is to the forever years to come! Love you Josh!

For our Anniversary we got super fancy and went to my Dr.'s office for my glucose test...I mean there is nothing more fancy than that huh? We did go out to the Yardhouse later that night. Always a good choice! Not so much good for the calorie intake...Had a great evening though calorie/weight gain and all.

#latergram On our anniversary. Love this guy!!

Monday, June 10, 2013

Acorn Squash

These past two weeks have been pretty great. Hubby found a new job, and We finally were able to get our car in the shop. A/C is broken... Which is the worst thing to happen in Vegas. Normally I don't mind to much going without A/C, even when it is 110 degrees outside. But since I'm pregnant, I don't really feel like roasting my baby girl.

My mom and mother in law have both been excited about a little one joining the family, so I'm continually getting new little one outfits and shoes. Here are the most recent picks from my mother in law.

Do not mind my nasty nail polish....


This week I am 29 weeks along and my ankles have finally began to swell. I really blame the heat more than anything. She is the size of an Acorn Squash, and is moving more than ever before. I really think that's what I will miss the most when she arrives, feeling her on the inside. It's such a sweet/cool/freaky feeling. Most of my shirts are hiking up to much nowadays so in this picture I'm wearing my hubby's shirt. It was quite comfortable.


Only 11 Weeks to go! Hopefully at that time I will be able to eat regular meat again!!