Monday, April 28, 2014

8 Months Reese Taylor


How is it that my little baby is 8 months old and no longer little?? Okay, maybe she's still a munchkin, but I have to admit that it makes me sad when I pack up her clothes that no longer fit her. My husband said something about her growing up too fast, and it just reminded me how I need to enjoy every second of this. Enjoy her whining, her screaming, giggles, gummy/toothy grins and yes, even her teething. Because to me these are some of the best times, and I don't want to say, "I can't wait until she can do this". I just want to love every second of this little girl's life!

Anyway, here are 8 new things about Reese Taylor at 8 months:

- She is crawling now!!

- She says Da (not sure if she's connecting it with dada, but Josh likes to think so).

- She is infatuated with babies! They make her super happy.

- She can wave bye bye.

- She will have yelling time with me ( this is where we match each others yells, and annoy everyone in the house). I love it sooooo much!

- She is super photogenic.

- She'll stop whatever she's doing to listen if there is music on the TV.

- She can pull herself up onto her feet!

Thursday, April 24, 2014

Thumbs up: Ode to the Midi!


Your length is so perfect
falling right below my knees.
I'll take one in every color,
every shape, and style please.
That. Just. Happened.
I'd like to give a huge thumbs up to midi skirts! I LOVE love love love the midi skirt. I may be obsessed with the midi skirt. A midi skirt falls between your knees and your ankles. If they are not warn correctly they can make your legs look a little...What's the word...Stumpy. Here is a post, from a blog I follow, on how to wear the midi. She gives some great tips!


This midi is perfect for the spring time white trend happening right now!


This skirt is a perfect full A-line look.


This last one is my favorite. It's the perfect basic pencil midi skirt!




Wednesday, April 23, 2014

5 tips to Living in a small space


We recently moved from a 1 bedroom apartment, into my in-law's home. The room we moved into is smaller then our room in our 1 bedroom apartment, so we've worked a way to fit in this room with our bed, dresser, side tables, crib, babies dresser, and lets not forget the dog and her kennel. It took some  serious maneuvering, but we made it all fit with the help of my best friend Alexandra.

The Monday after we moved in, Alexandra and her sweet husband came over to help us get situated and to set up our room without making the room look like we put things wherever they would fit (She's a super great organizer).Here are a few tips that helped me in the process of making our room a comfortable living space, even with it being super tiny.


- To save a little room, I put the babies dresser inside the closet and took the closet doors off to make the dresser more accessible.


- We raised the bed on to bricks (make it pretty with a bed skirt) to give us a little storage space under the bed.


- Under the crib is also a great place for storage


-To keep your room from looking completely cluttered, only keep things out that are completely necessary. Otherwise keep everything else in storage under the bed, crib, or on your shelf in the closet.


- Think about hanging a shoe rack behind your bedroom door.


HERE are some baskets you could try storing your non essentials.


 And HERE are some clear containers you could also use.

If you have more tips, please share!!

Thursday, April 17, 2014

7 Months Reese Taylor

So Reese is actually almost 8 months now, and I am so sorry that I have deprived you of this sweet girl!


So here are 7 new things about Reese at 7 months


-She is a backwards crawler. She will keep going backwards until she is stopped by something... like the couch, or a wall.

-She knows how to get on all fours. All fours for her is actually on her feet and hands looking like a stink bug.

-She has stranger anxiety...It's getting better though!

-She LOVES the theme song to "friends". She is definitely my daughter.

-She can snatch food up off your plate faster than you can.

-She loves dogs, and gets a tad bit upset when they don't come right to her and play.

-She has two teeth coming in.. and a super cute whiney cry to go with them.