Friday, September 27, 2013

A 1 Month old, in a 3 Month old's body

I thought it was only fair to post monthly pictures of this little one since I did weekly pregnancy shots. It's like you know her already!

So my little Reesie Bug is 1 month old!! I can not believe it, She already wont let me swaddle her anymore. Growing up too fast I'll say. She's already wearing a few of her 3 month outfits! Mainly because she so long, she's not filling them out width wise. Pretty sure she's hitting another growth spurt.

I made this little party hat... I felt like a celebration was in order. This is where I printed the cut out from! I didn't get as fancy as maybe I should have... This blog has a great way to spruce up your party hat.


1. favorite things about this girl right now.... her perma-scowl. Seriously the best thing ever, especially because I know she got that from me... I'll get a good picture up here soon of her doing it. In the mean time, Here is a cute shot of her smiling at her dad <3 Enjoy

Being a mom is amazing. This little one has changed my thinking about life, and has put me in complete mama bear mode. All I can think about is how my actions can effect her life. Even watching a certain TV shows doesn't feel right... So I stopped watching it. I would never want my little girl watching a show like it, or taking any words or actions from it... Maybe I'm over reacting, but I feel I need to teach my baby by example. I may have just crossed over to the "over protective mom" side, or the "dark side". This is normal right?


Tuesday, September 17, 2013

It's Baby Time!

Just over 3 weeks ago, our little Reesie bug was born! She was 8lbs 12oz and 20 1/2 in long, and perfect!  I can not get over how much I adore this little munchkin. Her little coos and sighs have wrapped Josh and I both around her long little fingers.

I really wanted to get some newborn shots done, so ofcourse I begged my best friend Alexandra Beckstrand to take some for us! So here are a few for you all to ooo and ahhh over. To see more, head over to Alexandra's blog Here

The black Flower can be ordered Here! There others were gifts so I'll need to find out where they were purchased and let you all know!