Friday, August 23, 2013

Hospital Bag List

So for the last few weeks I've been super uncomfortable. Especially because I'm trying so hard not to waddle! I had no clue how uncomfortable it gets in the last few weeks of being pregnant. I guess it's all worth it in the end huh? In the mean time, I've been walking with my mother in law at night. I really don't think it's making the baby come any sooner... but it is helping me feel better comfort wise. I'd definitely suggest walking while pregnant (of course only if your dr. or midwife say its okay).

Other then the walking I've just been getting things ready, or as ready as possible without really knowing what to expect. The main thing I wanted done was getting my hospital bag packed. Other wise I'd forget anything and everything important while throwing stuff in a bag or suit case while running out the door.

I did look at a few lists from other women I found on pinterest, but even then I made a few tweeks here and there. I suggest you do this as well if you feel like you need to.

So I made a couple lists.... with lists inside of those lists...


This is how I did it.





I hope this was helpful for all you expecting! Please let me know if you feel I have left something out.

Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Ruffles and Sparkles

I can not believe I didn't tell you about my beautiful baby shower! I still can not believe how lucky I was to have a shower so perfect!

My best friend ever threw the shower for me, and every thing was even better than I wanted! the colors of the shower were Pewter, Peach, and White.

This table cloth here is Tulle! And the hanging sign says The sweetest Sweets for the Sweetest day! Every thing on the table was dessert or fruit. My two favorites of course.

This amazing cake was made by my friend Erica! the inside was yellow AND chocolate cake with raspberry filling! Oh my good Heavens.... It was so delicious!

P.S. take a look at that cake stand! My mom had just given that to Alexandra (my best friend) and she was so kind to use it at my shower to make it that much more of a fairy tale.

This table was so so sweet! The pink little ruffly dress on the left there was my blessing dress! and through out the shower, Alexandra played a slideshow of mine and my husbands baby pictures on that Ipad.

I had so much fun at this shower! I'm so grateful for a best friend like Alexandra, and you better know I'll be making this up to her one day when it's her turn. <3


So I've been quite lazy when it comes to posting on here. So first things first, here are some of my weekly photos to get  you caught up on how close I am to popping.

So.. That should make us caught up on everything... Man I've been slacking hard.

Any way, I'm Still Pregnant and getting more uncomfortable as the days go by. I actually have been waking up super sad just because I didn't go into labor the night before. Trying to stay positive, but it's either that or stay patient with my hubby. I don't think I can handle the task of both right now.


So fingers crossed that she'll be here in the next few days, because I'm only 2 days away from my due date!!


Lace-Up Spectator Platform Bootie: Charlotte Russe

1 thing I'm really excited to do after delivering, is wearing my high heels again. It's not that I can't wear them now, I just look awkward. Kind of like a chicken on stilts. So for the a month or so I've been sticking with my flats and wedges.

I found these shoes today that make me really excited to wear stilts...err... I mean... heels again after delivery.

Super Spectator Platform Booties!

I'm not a huge fan of booties normally. But these are so awesome... That I think I'd actually wear them!


P.S. does anyone know how to juggle a child and walk in heels like this? It seems like a perfected art I must learn. Or maybe it's just me learning to be balanced again after being front heavy, let me know!