Friday, May 31, 2013

Maternity Jeans

So I have gotten to the point in my pregnancy, where I am in need of comfort... This means I need some maternity clothes. So I have been online shopping for a few weeks. My issue with online shopping is buying something that doesn't fit. I need to try things on! Sooo... I stopped at the Old Navy, on my way home from work yesterday. They let me know they don't have a maternity section there, BUT if someone has returned some maternity clothes they'd be on the clearance rack! How lucky was I to find a pair of capri's that actually fit me! Not only that, but they were the exact ones I had been debating on buying online. I scored a little with this shopping trip, just sayin. My capri's happened to be 50% too. So lesson learned, do not order online until you've checked the store first if you are trying to be frugal. Happy Friday!

Photo: Don't mind me, just breaking down and buying a pair of Maternity jeans... Or um I guess you could say capri's lol hey 50% off? Works for me. #pregnancy #reesetaylor #week28

Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Long Weekend

I enjoy making my weekends count, I don't like waking up later than 8am, and I do not enjoy sitting on the couch watching tv shows for hours on end. I can do that during the week after work. On the weekend, I like to do things productive and fun! Of course it doesn't always happen that way, but this weekend did!


Friday- Josh and I enjoyed dinner with my Aunt and Uncle and Boca De Beppo... or however that's spelled. They also brought some friends too which was great! We love meeting new people!


Saturday- We drove out to Overton to visit Josh's Grandma. The drive was fun, and we took our little dog Oakley with us. She had so much fun with Grandma's dog, we decided we'll bring her more often. More of Josh's family was out there and so we ended up going out to dinner (minus the dogs). We finally drove back home and got there around midnight. Way past our bed time, but so worth it

Photo: Oak took a road trip to grandmas this weekend. She had a blast with grandmas dog Sandy and honestly missed her when we left. #oakley


Sunday- Sunday was our recovery day, we went to church, then came home and relaxed. Even Oakley needed to recover after playing so hard the night before.

Monday- Last but not least, Monday. Josh's parents took us to the 51's game! It was sooo much fun. well at first we hated it, a little. Just because our seats were in the sun so it was hot.... and I mean HOT.  Then after like an hour of not focusing on the game at all we all decided it'd be best if we moved into shaded seats. It was a tiny bit further away from the game, but all of a sudden....I could actually focus! I had so much fun from there on out. And we only came out kinda looking like lobsters. Oh and Josh ended the day with changing out the break pads on our car. So productive that man is, and it only took me a couple weeks to remind him ;-)

Photo: At the 51's game today! @joshua2284

This weekend was so much fun! I was sad to see it end. But what would the weekend be with out the week.... nothing exciting if you ask me. Hope your weekend was a blast!

P.S. Here is my weekly Preggers Pics

Photo: #pregnancy #week27 #babygirl #reesetaylor Loving her!

Photo: #week27 #pregnancy #babygirl #reesetaylor promise that's not a Volleyball under my shirt

Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Jury Duty and I'm feeling 26

So this last Monday I was actually called for Jury Duty. So I went downtown and it felt like I was in the airport all over again. taking off my shoes and everything. Lucky for me, Josh came with me to help me find where to go. I had never been there before. So after waiting an hour or so, I was finally called to go to a courtroom with 20 or more people. It was entertaining to people watch. People downtown here are... Different. So I'm sitting in the Jury stand, and realize the attorney representing the plaintiff, is my ex-boss( the one who fired me)! Lucky for me I guess because they couldn't have me on the stand if that was the case. I didn't even have to use the pregnancy card to get out of it, which I do have to say I'm glad about. I didn't want to be THAT lady. I mean, common, they give you a break every two hours to eat or whatever, so I think I would have lived.


Speaking of eating, and being pregnant, and feeling pregnant, and LOOKING pregnant. People are actually speaking up about my bump. In a good way of course. But I always thought it was a rule not to mention a woman being pregnant if you weren't sure, because she might not actually be... oh well, good thing I am or else a lot of people would be embarrassed and I would be on a diet after so many people commenting.

 Photo: #week26  #babygirl  #reesetaylor

I am 26 weeks pregnant! and feeling like it now. I'm still not wearing maternity pants.... but my regular pants are completely unzipped and I'm either wearing a belly band or a long tank top to cover the unzipped zipper.

No swollen feet or fingers yet. (thank heavens) So this means I'm still wearing my wedges and cute heels. I will until I give birth I tell ya!

My button down shirts are stretching to there limits right now... and constantly coming unbuttoned around my belly. Kinda funny to look down and notice that the button located on my belly is unbuttoned.

I'm slowly getting in the grove of eating meats again. Still no beef, which saddens me. but last night we had pork chops and I almost ate a whole one by myself. It was quite an accomplishment.


Also Next week ends my 2nd trimester and begins my every two week check up with the Dr. I can not believe how fast this has flown by! It feels like just last week we found out we were expecting!

Even though I haven't been able to eat normal this whole time, I gotta tell ya, I've LOVED being pregnant. Even with me breaking out, losing my job, and stretching my wardrobe to its limits, I've gained so much. I've fell in deep deep love with this munchkin already. I wouldn't have landed my amazing Job that I have now without this little girl. And I wouldn't have grown so much by faith and patience with out her.

Photo: #babygirl #reesetaylor #week26 she's the size of a head of lettuce this week! Only 14 weeks to go!

Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Johnny Cash & Lasagna

So this past week has been a blast. I have been really busy with my Mary Kay business (Thank  you for all my Mothers Day Basket orders)

and on Saturday Josh and I went on a trip to St. George with his mom and step-dad. We met up with his Grandma, Aunt, Uncle, two cousins, and Jared and ate at the crackle barrel. It was pretty good food and had an amazing gift shop type place. Candy galore! On the way up to St. George I some how suckered the rest of the car to listen to some Johnny Cash. I LOVE Johnny Cash so much, and apparently so does little Reesie Bug because once we turned Johnny up a little she started moving like CRAZY! It was the coolest thing to know she loves music already just like her Mom & Dad. It also doesn't surprise me.... what would surprise me is if she didn't like music and had no musical talents.... knock on wood <3.


So this week I'm 25 weeks along and starting to feel that way. My pants are getting more and more uncomfortable and I find that even in our normal blazing Vegas heat I'm feeling hotter than usual. Trust me, after living in Vegas for your whole life, 100 degrees is nothing... unless you are pregnant, and have no A/C. Don't feel bad for me yet, it should be fixed soon... the A/C not the pregnant part... that I'm in for the long hall. Which happens to be another 15 weeks.


P.S. Happy Mothers day! We visited my Mom on Sunday and had lasagna, salad, and what would lasagna be without Garlic bread. I had brought my heart beat monitor for my mom to listen to Reese's heartbeat, she loved it! and finally got to feel her kick, finally. I think Reese teases my mom on purpose though. She likes to make things suspenseful, suspense is different from drama right?