Wednesday, June 11, 2014

9 months Reese Taylor

I always feel bad when I don't get Reese's update out quicker. She's almost 9 1/2 months now... But in my defense, she's been a little sick, and I didn't want her to be miserable as I was taking pictures. 


She's doing a bit better now! So here are 9 new things about Reese:

1- She now has 4 teeth.


2- She knows how to climb the stairs (this is a very scary new thing!).


3- She has now experienced her first ear infection. 


4- She will always cry when you take her away from Grandma (doesn't matter which one)


5- She can wave Hi and Bye!


6- She loves to dance! 


7- She prefers big people food more than a bottle.


8- She'll give you kisses if she feels like it.


9- She has the cutest way of expressing herself. Lots of gasps when she's excited, and you can tell she's trying so hard to talk!

She's kind of a hot mess in this picture, but she is still the cutest hot mess I have ever seen!

This was at my brother in law's wedding, She had so much fun dancing!

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