Thursday, January 8, 2015

Writing legs

I've had a conversation with my husband recently about what I want to go to school for. Yes, we had a "where are you going with your life" conversation. I honestly could not tell him. I don't know many things that I'm actually good at...So he asked," What do you love?"

I have few passions in my life, but they are passions I should be sharing with you all! One of these passions is writing. I have always loved to write. Give me a topic and I will write my heart out. Even if I never become a journalist one day, or never have a household name when it comes to a novel, I hope that all my writings will at least be shared in my family through the generations.

My best friend Alexandra and I were just talking yesterday about her grandma having so many journals written in. She told me how awesome it was to look through and see all the cool stuff she wrote. Then we talked about how bad we'd like to do that, but never seem to have the time. I literally look at my journal every night on my nightstand and think...." I should really write in this", then I go to sleep. I believe this laziness that is bestowed in my body is a generation thing. Something I'd like to change drastically. I don't want to be 80 years old one day and wishing I would have documented more. This should be just as important as washing and moisturizing my face at night...(just to let you know, that is actually VERY important to me. I haven't missed that ritual in about 5 years).

Talking about writing in my journal makes me think about my blog. I've been neglecting this blog for sooooo long. Yea I have a busy life, but who doesn't? So if you see a blog post from me coming soon that is just me rambling about whatever comes to my mind... just enjoy it. That is me just getting my writing legs... you know... kind of like sea legs when you are on a boat... but my writing legs are for when I'm getting the hang of writing again

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